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Best Quotes from Jennifer’s Body

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If you are a fan of horror and comedy, then the iconic movie “Jennifer’s Body” must be on your watchlist. It was released in the year 2009, and since then, has gained a cult following, thanks to its witty dialogues and impressive performances. Megan Fox, who played the titular character Jennifer Check, delivered some of the most memorable one-liners that still resound in the ears of the movie buffs.

The importance of Jennifer’s Body quotes is undeniable. Quirky, funny, and at times even insightful, these dialogues add an extra layer to the watching experience. These quotes not only make the movie memorable but they also make for great followers on social media.

Many of the quotes from the movie have been immortalized and continue to be trending on social media and other websites. Some of the most popular ones include “Hell is a teenage girl,” “I’m killing boys,” and “My tit’s – it’s like ‘Woah!'” They convey Jennifer’s devil-may-care attitude, her humor and wit, and her destructive tendencies.

But the quotes are not just memorable for the sake of it, they serve as a reflection of Jennifer’s psyche, the horror elements that make her character unique and interesting, and the dynamics of the friendship between Jennifer and her best friend Needy.

So, if you haven’t watched Jennifer’s Body yet, give it a go and find out why the quotes from the movie remain a fan favorite till this day!


Released in 2009, “Jennifer’s Body” is a supernatural horror-comedy that marked a stark departure from traditional stereotypes and tropes found in female-dominated films. Directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Diablo Cody, the film is remembered for its portrayal of a high school student who becomes demonically possessed after a botched human sacrifice by a rock band. The film’s success lies, in large part, with its quotable moments that have since become popular references in popular culture.

Although the movie initially had a poor box office run, it has since garnered a cult following. In recent years, the film’s inclusivity and feminist themes have contributed to its rediscovery. Additionally, the memorable quotes from the movie have become a staple among modern pop-cultural references. In the following sections, we will explore some of Jennifer’s Body’s famous quotes and explore their significance.

Iconic Quotes from Jennifer’s Body

“Hell is a teenage girl,” and “I’m not even a backdoor virgin anymore.” These are just two of the most famous quotes from the 2009 horror-comedy film, Jennifer’s Body. But what is it about these lines that make them so memorable? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most iconic quotes from the film and what they say about the story and its characters.

The Meaning Behind “Hell is a teenage girl”

When the character Needy says that “hell is a teenage girl,” it’s easy to see why the line caught on with audiences. At its core, Jennifer’s Body is a story about the challenges of being a teenage girl. From the pressures of conformity to the frustration of feeling misunderstood, the film explores many of the issues faced by young women today.

At the same time, Needy’s line goes beyond simply describing the experience of being a teenage girl. It also suggests that this experience can be particularly difficult and even dangerous. Jennifer’s Body is a horror film after all, and the idea of teenage girls as demons (both literal and figurative) is a recurring motif throughout.

Overall, “hell is a teenage girl” is a clever, memorable line that effectively captures a key theme of the film.

The Significance of “I’m not even a backdoor virgin anymore”

On the surface, the line “I’m not even a backdoor virgin anymore” is a crude reference to Needy’s sexual experience. However, as with many things in Jennifer’s Body, there’s more going on beneath the surface.

For one thing, the line is a nod to the way in which young women are often judged and objectified based on their perceived sexual behaviors. Needy’s comment is both a confession and a challenge to these kinds of stereotypes.

At the same time, the line speaks to the way in which Needy’s relationship with Jennifer has changed over the course of the film. At the beginning, Needy is the one who’s more sexually inexperienced and socially awkward, while Jennifer is confident and sexually active. But as the story unfolds, we see Jennifer become vulnerable and even victimized, while Needy becomes stronger and more assertive.

So even though “I’m not even a backdoor virgin anymore” might seem like a throwaway line at first glance, it actually tells us a lot about the film’s themes and characters.

Other Memorable Quotes

Of course, “hell is a teenage girl” and “I’m not even a backdoor virgin anymore” aren’t the only memorable quotes from Jennifer’s Body. Here are a few more:

  • “Do you need a tampon? I have a whole purse full of them.”
  • “I can take care of myself. I’ve been using the bow-flex.”
  • “They’re still not sure if it was just the acid that killed Low Shoulder or if I had something to do with it. Too bad I’ll never tell.”

Each of these lines offers a glimpse into the film’s unique blend of horror, comedy, and social commentary. They remind us that Jennifer’s Body is more than just a simple genre film; it’s a complex, nuanced work that deserves to be remembered for years to come.

Dark Humor Quotes

“Jennifer’s Body” is a horror-comedy movie that has several moments of dark humor. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from the film:

  1. Needy: “You’re killing people!”
    Jennifer: “No, I’m killing boys. Boys are just placeholders, they come and they go. We’ll be best friends forever.” (This shows how nonchalant Jennifer is about her killings)
  2. Needy: “Why do you need him?” (referring to a boy Jennifer was interested in)
    Jennifer: “To feel how I feel. To have what I have. To be strong and godless and IMMORTAL.” (Jennifer’s obsession with power and her demonic status is reflected in this quote)
  3. Needy: “Your… your *tit* is off.” (referring to Jennifer’s fallen body part)
    Jennifer: “No, it’s on the floor.” (Jennifer’s response to the situation is darkly humorous and sarcastic)

These quotes are just a few examples of the movie’s witty and often macabre sense of humor. The contrast between the gruesome attacks and the characters’ casual conversation adds to the overall humor of the film.

“Jennifer’s Body” not only uses humor to lighten the tone of the movie, but it also serves to satirize the horror genre. The film’s self-awareness is evident through its use of exaggerated horror tropes and poking fun at them. For example, Jennifer’s transformation into a demonic creature is presented as a typical horror movie cliché, but the way she relishes in her newfound powers and uses them to get what she wants is a departure from the traditional helpless victim role.

The movie’s humor also works to develop the characters and their relationships. The scenes between Needy and Jennifer are often lighthearted and endearing, giving viewers a sense of their friendship before the demonic possession. Additionally, the dialogue between the two girls helps to establish their personalities and their dynamic.

In conclusion, the dark humor in “Jennifer’s Body” adds a unique layer to the horror-comedy genre while also serving to satirize it. The movie’s witty dialogue and satire of horror tropes make it a compelling watch for both horror and comedy fans.

Sarcastic Quotes

Sarcasm is like a knife, and with it, Jennifer cuts through the delicate line of decency, speaking her twisted thoughts out loud. Her razor-sharp wit cuts through the flesh, mocking the naïve and weak. One of the most iconic Jennifer’s Body quotes, “You know how if you hit a girl with a rock, it’s like murder? Well, I was thinking maybe it’s the same if you have sex with a girl and she doesn’t come” is a perfect representation of her dark humor.

The quote is the epitome of Jennifer’s twisted take on life. She equates the act of not achieving orgasm during sex as an equal, if not worse offense than having murder on your hands. The absurd comparison shows that she doesn’t take the subject matter seriously, but it’s still a severe issue. Jennifer uses humor to expose society’s double standards when it comes to female sexuality. While men are often praised for their sexual prowess, women are shamed for associating sex with pleasure. Jennifer expresses her take on the hypocrisy of this with a laugh.

Another sarcastic Jennifer’s Body quote that criticizes society’s double standards is, “My tit flashed someone once… It was not a big deal,” she quips when her tormentor rants about “covering up” after an accidental wardrobe malfunction. The line is darkly funny and reveals the absurdity of the way society polices women’s behavior. Jennifer uses her wit to show the hypocrisy of people who dictate how women should present themselves while, at the same time, failing to hold men to the same standard.

One of the most hilarious quotes from Jennifer’s Body is when she’s trying to seduce her love interest, Chip, and says, “You give me such a wetty.” The quote is a vulgar take on the female orgasm, but at the same time, it’s an inside joke between Jennifer and Chip. The quote is a testament to Jennifer’s wit, and how she uses humor as a way to connect with people, even if it is dirty and outrageous.

“I get high, and then I get really low. It’s like a drug. It’s like being possessed by a demon” is a line from the movie that encapsulates Jennifer’s struggle with her demonic possession. However, the sarcastic twist Jennifer puts on the line is what makes it memorable. It’s a perfect example of how Jennifer uses humor as a way to cope with difficult situations.

Jennifer’s Body is a film full of memorable quotes that show how humor and wit can be used to shed light on serious issues like female sexuality and misogyny. Jennifer’s biting sarcasm invites us into her world, where nothing is sacred, and everything is fair game.

Important Character Quotes

The movie “Jennifer’s Body” is a dark comedy-horror film that tells the story of best friends Jennifer and Needy. The film features several insightful quotes that offer a deeper understanding of the movie’s main characters, such as:

1. “Hell is a teenage girl.”

This quote, said by Needy, introduces the central theme of the movie. Needy’s observation reflects the idea that teenage girls can be vicious, manipulative, and cruel to one another. Throughout the film, this quote is reinforced, as we see Jennifer’s evil transformation and the impact it has on the people around her.

2. “You’re killing people.” “No, I’m killing boys.”

This exchange between Jennifer and Needy highlights Jennifer’s obsession with power and control. It’s clear that she sees boys as mere objects to be used and discarded. This insight gives us a better understanding of Jennifer’s character and helps us see the motivation behind her actions.

3. “You should find your own special fuckin’ drummer!”

This quote, said by Jennifer, is a telling moment during a conversation between the two friends. In this scene, Jennifer is expressing her frustration with Needy’s lack of autonomy, stating that Needy needs to find her own path in life and stop following in Jennifer’s footsteps. This quote helps us understand the power dynamic between the two friends and foreshadows the events that will come later in the film.

4. “I thought you only murdered boys.” “I go both ways.”

This exchange between Jennifer and her victim highlights Jennifer’s sexual fluidity. It also reinforces the idea that Jennifer sees people as objects to be used for her own gratification, regardless of their gender. This insight adds another layer to Jennifer’s character and makes her both more complex and more disturbing.

5. “You’re my best friend… but you’re too needy.”

This quote, said by Jennifer, is a cruel but accurate assessment of Needy’s character. It helps us understand the complicated relationship between the two friends and the power dynamic that exists between them. Jennifer believes she is in control of the friendship, and she uses this power to manipulate and hurt Needy throughout the film.


“Jennifer’s Body” is a film that explores the darker side of adolescence and the complexities of female friendship. Through the use of insightful quotes, the movie gives us a deeper understanding of the film’s main characters. These quotes reveal the motivations and power dynamics that exist between the characters, adding depth and complexity to the story.


Over a decade since its release, Jennifer’s Body continues to be a film that challenges societal norms and expectations. It is a satirical commentary on female sexuality, the media, and the way women are perceived in society. The movie’s quotes have also become timeless and continue to resonate with audiences today.

One of the most iconic and memorable quotes from the movie is “Hell is a teenage girl,” a statement made by Jennifer as she comes to terms with her newfound demonic powers. This quote perfectly captures the power and strength of teenage girls, as well as the obstacles they face in a society that often undervalues them.

Another unforgettable quote is “You should find a guy who’s truly worthy of you,” said by Needy’s mother. This quote highlights the subtle messages that society sends to women about their worth being tied to their romantic relationships.

Jennifer’s Body also offers powerful messages about female empowerment and sisterhood. As Needy learns to embrace her own power, she also realizes the importance of supporting and uplifting other women. “You have to take your pain and turn it into something beautiful,” she says, inspiring women to channel their struggles into something positive.

The movie’s quotes also address important issues, such as mental health. “When you’re overlooked, you’re underestimated, and I use that to my advantage,” said by Jennifer, demonstrates how people who are struggling with their mental health can often be dismissed and ignored.

Finally, Jennifer’s Body quotes also serve as a reminder of the importance of listening to and believing women. “I swear to Satan, if you don’t exist, I’m gonna be really pissed,” said by Needy, highlights the way women’s experiences and perspectives are often dismissed or invalidated.

In conclusion, Jennifer’s Body is a film that tackles complex issues and delivers powerful messages through its unforgettable quotes. It challenges societal norms and expectations, and highlights the strength, power, and resilience of women. The film’s themes and quotes continue to be relevant over a decade later and serve as a reminder of the importance of uplifting, supporting, and believing women.

FAQ and Conclusions


1. What is the meaning behind the quote “Hell is a teenage girl?”

The quote “Hell is a teenage girl” is taken from Jennifer’s Body and it implies that teenage girls can be quite vicious and dangerous, especially towards each other. They can be self-absorbed, ruthless, and manipulative, which can bring the worst out of them.

2. What is Jennifer’s Body movie about?

Jennifer’s Body is a horror-comedy movie that revolves around two teenage girls, Jennifer and Needy. After a traumatic incident, Jennifer becomes possessed by a demon and starts feeding on the boys in their town. Needy, who is Jennifer’s best friend, tries to stop her before things get out of control.

3. What is the most iconic quote from Jennifer’s Body?

“Hello, world. My name is Jennifer Check, and I’m a virgin. I’m here to sacrifice myself to the devil.” This quote was said by Jennifer when she thought she was sacrificing herself to be possessed by a demon, but it turns out that she was already possessed.

4. Who wrote Jennifer’s Body?

The script for Jennifer’s Body was written by Diablo Cody, who also wrote Juno. The movie was directed by Karyn Kusama and produced by Jason Reitman.

5. What is the symbolism behind the heart-shaped necklace in Jennifer’s Body?

The heart-shaped necklace that Jennifer wears in the movie is a symbol of her friendship with Needy. It shows that they are both two halves of a whole and complements each other. However, when Jennifer becomes possessed, she starts wearing the necklace inside out, which symbolizes her turn to darkness and the end of their friendship.

6. What is the R-rating reason for Jennifer’s Body?

The R-rating for Jennifer’s Body is due to the movie’s violence, strong language, and sexual content. It is not meant for children or teenagers under the age of 17 without adult supervision.

7. What is the message behind Jennifer’s Body?

The message behind Jennifer’s Body is that women can be just as powerful and dangerous as men. The movie explores the themes of female empowerment, friendship, jealousy, and revenge.

8. What is the soundtrack of Jennifer’s Body?

The soundtrack of Jennifer’s Body features songs from popular artists such as Panic! At The Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Hayley Williams, and Florence + The Machine.

9. How did Jennifer’s Body perform at the box office?

Jennifer’s Body was not a financial success at the box office. It only made $31 million worldwide against a production budget of $16 million.

10. Is Jennifer’s Body a cult classic?

Yes, Jennifer’s Body has become a cult classic over the years, with a growing fanbase that appreciates its unique blend of horror and comedy, feminist message, and iconic quotes.


Despite its mixed reception upon release, Jennifer’s Body has become a cult classic over the years, and for good reason. The movie offers a refreshing take on the horror genre, with a strong feminist message and memorable quotes that have become iconic in pop culture.

Through its exploration of themes such as female sexuality, empowerment, and friendship, Jennifer’s Body highlights the struggles that women face in a male-dominated society and presents them as complex and fully realized characters.

While the movie may not have been a box office success, its impact and influence can still be seen in the horror genre today, with more female-led and directed movies that celebrate women’s stories and perspectives.

In conclusion, Jennifer’s Body may have been ahead of its time, but its legacy lives on, inspiring a new generation of horror fans and feminist activists alike.

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