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The Best Joel Osteen Quotes to Inspire and Uplift Your Spirit

Joel Osteen, the renowned American preacher, author, and televangelist, is an inspirational figure who has touched millions of lives across the globe with his words of wisdom. His words of encouragement, hope, and faith have helped many people find the strength to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Joel Osteen quotes are a source of inspiration for many people irrespective of their religious affiliations. His quotes provide a different perspective on life, and many have found solace and comfort in his words.

The importance of Joel Osteen quotes is that they offer practical and real-life solutions to everyday problems. His words touch the heart and soul of his listeners and evoke a sense of positivity and hope. They encourage people to embrace life with positivity and not fear the future.

The benefits of Joel Osteen quotes are numerous. They motivate people to face their challenges with courage, and they remind people of their inner strength and resilience. His words remind people of their worth, and they inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

In conclusion, Joel Osteen quotes are words of wisdom that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are facing a difficult time or need a dose of inspiration to jumpstart your day, his quotes will help you find the strength and courage to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.


Joel Osteen is a renowned American televangelist, author, and senior pastor at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He is a well-known figure in the Christian community for his motivational and inspirational teachings which he presents through various media platforms such as television, podcasts, books, and live events. Osteen’s message is centered around the power of positive thinking, faith, and hope.

Over the years, Joel Osteen has become a household name, inspiring many individuals across the globe with his uplifting and encouraging words. His quotes have been used as daily mantras, shared on social media platforms and written on sticky notes to motivate people to live a more fulfilling life.

In this article, we will take a look at some of Joel Osteen’s most inspiring quotes and discuss how they can help you to overcome life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

Joel Osteen Biography

Joel Osteen is a renowned American pastor, author, and televangelist who was born on March 5, 1963, in Houston, Texas. He is the senior pastor of the Lakewood Church, which is located in Houston, Texas. The church, which was founded by his father John Osteen in 1959, holds services that have been attended by thousands of people. His father was also a prominent pastor who was known for his sermons on television, through which he reached a global audience.

Joel grew up in a family of ministers, and he was the youngest of five children. He attended Humble High School and later went to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he studied radio and television communications. After completing his studies, he returned home to Houston, Texas, where he worked behind the scenes at Lakewood Church for several years.

In 1999, after his father passed away, Joel took over as the senior pastor of Lakewood Church. At the time of his appointment, the church had about 6,000 members, but over the years, Joel’s leadership and preaching have drawn tens of thousands of people to the church. Under his leadership, the church has become a beacon of hope and inspiration to people all over the world.

Today, Joel is not just a pastor but also a best-selling author, with several books to his name. Some of his popular publications include, “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential”, “Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day”, and “Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind”.

He has a reputation for offering words of encouragement, hope and inspiration to his followers. His messages are centered on faith, positivity, and personal growth. Joel has appeared on media platforms like Larry King Live, The View, and The Today Show and has also been a guest speaker at different conferences and churches across the globe.

Today, Joel’s influence goes beyond the pulpit and stretches to every corner of the world. He is loved and adored by many who find his teachings helpful and uplifting. Joel Osteen is an inspirational figure and has become one of the most influential pastors in the world.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the key to success and personal growth. It is the foundation upon which all things are built. The way we think affects everything we do, from the decisions we make to the actions we take. We must learn to embrace positive thoughts and reject negative ones, for they hold the power to shape our lives.

Joel Osteen is a famous motivational speaker who has been inspiring people all over the world for decades. He is known for his uplifting messages and powerful quotes that encourage people to pursue their dreams and live their best lives. Let’s dive into some of the best Joel Osteen quotes on the power of positive thinking.

1. “You may have made some mistakes, and you may not be where you want to be, but that has nothing to do with your future.”

This quote is a powerful reminder that our past does not define our future. No matter what mistakes we have made or where we are in life right now, we have the power to shape our own destiny. By choosing to think positively and take action towards our goals, we can create a bright future for ourselves.

2. “You were created to excel. You have everything you need to fulfill your potential.”

Everyone has the potential to achieve great things in life. We were all born with unique talents and abilities that we can use to make a positive impact on the world. This quote reminds us that we already have everything we need to succeed. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and take action.

3. “The only thing standing in the way of your dreams is the story you keep telling yourself that you can’t achieve them.”

This quote is a powerful reminder that our greatest obstacle in life is often ourselves. Many times, we hold ourselves back from pursuing our dreams because we believe we are not capable of achieving them. But the truth is, we have the power to overcome any obstacle and achieve anything we set our minds to. It all starts with changing our mindset and believing that we can.

In conclusion, positive thinking is the key to success and personal growth. By embracing positive thoughts and rejecting negative ones, we can shape our lives and achieve our goals. Joel Osteen’s quotes on the power of positive thinking serve as a powerful reminder of our own potential and the power we possess to create a better future for ourselves.

Faith and Spirituality

Joel Osteen, the popular pastor, author, and speaker, is known for his inspiring messages that focus on faith and spirituality. His words of wisdom have helped millions of people around the world to overcome obstacles, find inner peace, and achieve happiness. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most powerful Joel Osteen quotes that highlight the importance of faith and spirituality in our lives.

The power of faith

“Faith activates God – Fear activates the enemy.”

This quote is a powerful reminder that our thoughts and beliefs have an impact on our lives. When we have faith in God and trust in his plan for us, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. But when we let fear and negative beliefs control us, we give power to our enemies and limit our own potential.

“You may be facing challenges right now, but God has equipped you with everything you need to overcome them.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of trusting in God’s plan for our lives and having faith in our own abilities. No matter what challenges we may face, we have the inner strength and resources to overcome them. We just need to have faith in ourselves and in God’s guidance.

The role of spirituality

“Your words have creative power. With your words, you can either speak life or speak death. Choose to speak life over every situation.”

These words remind us of the power of our thoughts and words. By choosing to speak positively about our lives and our circumstances, we can create a more positive reality and attract happiness and success into our lives.

“God is more interested in changing us than changing our circumstances.”

This quote highlights the importance of personal growth and spiritual development. Instead of focusing on changing external circumstances, we should focus on changing ourselves and becoming the best version of ourselves. When we do this, we will be better equipped to handle any challenges that come our way.

Overcoming obstacles

“The human spirit is incredibly resilient. We can endure hardships and come out even stronger on the other side.”

This quote is a reminder that we have the strength and resilience to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Instead of being defeated by challenges, we can use them as an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

“Your best days are still out in front of you.”

This quote is a powerful reminder to stay positive and optimistic, even in the face of challenges. No matter what we’ve been through in the past, there is always a bright future ahead of us. We just need to have faith and keep moving forward.

Achieving happiness

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of our mindset in achieving happiness. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to make us happy, we can choose to focus on the positive aspects of our lives and cultivate a sense of happiness from within.

“The more you focus on being a blessing to others, the more blessed your own life will be.”

This quote highlights the importance of kindness and serving others as a means of achieving happiness and fulfillment. When we focus on helping others and making a positive impact in the world, we not only make the world a better place but also experience a sense of joy and contentment in our own lives.

Joel Osteen’s inspiring words of wisdom serve as a reminder of the power of faith and spirituality in our lives. By trusting in God’s plan for us, focusing on personal growth and development, and cultivating a positive mindset, we can overcome any obstacles and achieve happiness and success.

Self-Motivation and Self-Improvement

Joel Osteen is a renowned American pastor, televangelist, and author whose words of encouragement have inspired millions of people around the world. His quotes are packed with wisdom and motivation that can help individuals take control of their lives and pursue their dreams. Here are 5 of Joel Osteen’s quotes that encourage self-motivation and self-improvement:

1. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

This quote highlights the importance of starting, despite the fear of failure or imperfection. Many people hold themselves back from pursuing their dreams because they feel they are not ready or talented enough. However, Joel reminds us that greatness comes only after we take the first step towards our goals. It takes time, effort, and persistence to achieve greatness, but it all starts with a simple act of courage.

2. “You have to know that you were born to be a champion. But champions don’t become champions when they win the event, they become champions in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it.”

This quote affirms that every individual has the potential to be a champion in their field of choice. However, becoming a champion requires consistent effort and dedication. It is not enough to have talent; one must put in the hours, weeks, and months of hard work to develop and hone their skills. Champions are made, not born, and the journey to becoming one starts with a strong sense of purpose and determination.

3. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

This quote reminds us that change is an ongoing process that requires discipline and consistency. Many people aspire to change their circumstances but fail to realize that change begins with small daily actions. Successful people have developed daily routines that help them achieve their goals consistently. Changing a habit or behavior may seem difficult at first, but with time and commitment, it can become a natural part of one’s daily routine.

4. “Everyone wants to be successful until they see what it takes.”

This quote highlights the fact that success often comes with a price. To achieve success, one must be willing to make sacrifices and put in the work required. Many people dream of success but are not willing to put in the effort to make their dreams a reality. However, Joel reminds us that the rewards of success are worth the sacrifices and challenges encountered along the way.

5. “You can change your world by changing your words. Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

This quote emphasizes the power of words in shaping one’s reality. The words we speak can influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and ultimately determine our life outcomes. Negative self-talk and criticism can hinder personal growth and development, whereas positive affirmations can build confidence and self-esteem. Joel encourages us to choose our words carefully and speak life into our dreams and aspirations.

In conclusion, the above quotes by Joel Osteen encourage readers to take control of their lives and pursue their dreams. They remind us that change and success are possible with effort, determination, and consistency. By making small daily changes to our routines and speaking positively about ourselves, we can create the reality we desire and become champions in our chosen fields.

Relationships and Gratitude

Joel Osteen is a prominent preacher and motivational speaker who emphasizes the importance of positivity and gratitude in all aspects of our lives. His teachings have helped millions of people around the world to find happiness and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. In this article, we will look at some of the most inspiring Joel Osteen quotes about relationships and gratitude that can help you shape a more positive outlook towards life.

1. “The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for.”

One of the most fundamental teachings of Joel Osteen is the power of gratitude. According to him, the more we focus on the positive aspects of our lives and express gratitude for them, the more we attract positive energy and opportunities. This quote is a reminder that gratitude isn’t just a moral obligation, but a practical tool that can help you create a life filled with joy, success, and peace.

2. “Successful relationships are based on giving and receiving love, not on demanding it.”

In a world that often prioritizes self-serving interests, Joel Osteen emphasizes the value of giving and receiving love in building meaningful relationships. According to him, the key to healthy relationships is to focus on what you can give, rather than what you can get. This quote reminds us that generosity, kindness, and understanding are the foundation stones of every successful relationship.

3. “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. It is important to cherish and appreciate them every day.”

Friends are essential to our emotional wellbeing, and Joel Osteen emphasizes the value of cherishing true friendship. This quote is a reminder that we should never take our friends for granted. Instead, we should actively seek to strengthen our relationships by investing time, energy, and affection. Genuine friendship is a rare and precious gift that deserves to be celebrated every day.

4. “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

Sometimes, we tend to take our relationships for granted, assuming that they are the result of chance encounters. However, Joel Osteen encourages us to recognize that every relationship has divine purpose. This quote is a reminder that the people we meet in our lives are not random; rather, they are meant to teach us something valuable and help us grow into better versions of ourselves.

5. “Love and respect go hand in hand. If you want to be respected, show respect. If you want to be loved, show love.”

Many of us yearn for love and respect in our relationships, but we may struggle to understand how to give and receive them. According to Joel Osteen, love and respect are mutually reinforcing, and we can cultivate both by practicing them consistently. This quote is a reminder that if we want to receive love and respect, we must first give them.

6. “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

Finally, this quote by Joel Osteen emphasizes the transformative power of gratitude. According to him, expressed gratitude attracts positive vibrations and opens the doors to new opportunities and experiences. In cultivating a grateful heart, we become more appreciative of the blessings in our lives and notice the small wonders that we may have otherwise overlooked. This attitude of gratitude can lead to a life filled with miracles and blessings.


In conclusion, Joel Osteen’s teachings about relationships and gratitude can help us live more fulfilling and joyful lives. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, we become magnets for positivity and abundance, while focusing on love, respect, and generosity helps us build meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. These quotes can serve as inspiration for anyone seeking to lead a more purpose-driven life filled with love and happiness.


Joel Osteen is a renowned preacher, motivational speaker, and author. He has captivated audiences worldwide with his inspirational messages that instill hope, inspire change, and empower people to become the best version of themselves. Osteen’s motivational quotes have become a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. To better understand his messages and their impact on readers, let’s delve into Joel Osteen’s quotes, and the impact they may have on readers’ lives.

Inspiration to Overcome Challenges

One of Joel Osteen’s most powerful quotes is, “You may have had unfair things happen to you, but the depth of your pain is an indication of the height of your future.” This quote inspires readers to overcome challenges and hardship, no matter what they may be. Osteen teaches his audience to embrace their struggles and use them as stepping stones. By doing so, it allows us to grow into stronger and more resilient individuals, capable of overcoming even the toughest of obstacles.

Finding Inner Strength

In one of his famous quotes, Joel Osteen says, “You are stronger than you think, more capable than you know, and more loved than you can imagine.” This quote reminds readers that they have the strength within themselves to overcome challenges and succeed. It encourages readers to tap into their inner being and discover their untapped potential. Osteen teaches us that we are not limited by our circumstances, but by our vision and perception of ourselves. By believing in ourselves, achieving our goals becomes more accessible, and we find the strength to face our fears.

Moving Forward with Positive Energy

Joel Osteen’s quotes are filled with positivity and motivation, aimed at uplifting his readers and inspiring them to take positive action. One of his quotes reads, “You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of your tongue.” This quote conveys the idea that our thoughts and words are powerful, and what we focus on expands. By shifting our thoughts and language from negative to positive, we align ourselves with positive energy, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Appreciating Life

Osteen’s quotes also encourage readers to appreciate the life they have and cherish each moment. One of his quotes urges readers to see every day as a gift, “Every day is a gift from God. Learn to focus on the Giver and not the gift.” This quote reminds us that the journey is more important than the destination, and that every experience, no matter how small, is a gift to be treasured. By shifting our focus from the problems and stresses of life and focusing on the blessings, we can lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Overcoming Fear through Faith

Joel Osteen’s messages also involve overcoming fear through faith. He says, “Faith activates God—Fear activates the Enemy.” His message encourages readers to trust in their faith and not give in to fear. By always having faith, readers can become better equipped to handle the challenges and obstacles that life presents. When we have faith in our abilities and the opportunities life presents us, we can overcome our fears and achieve our goals.

Making a Positive Impact on the World

Osteen teaches his readers that they have the power to make a positive impact on the world. One of his famous quotes states, “You have been created in a way that is uniquely you, with gifts and talents that only you can offer. Serve the world with your heart, and cultivate the power of your spirit.” Osteen’s message encourages readers to use their unique abilities to give back to their communities and the world at large. When we help others, we find meaning and purpose in life, which leads to greater happiness and contentment.


Joel Osteen’s message of positivity and hope has inspired millions of people worldwide. His messages of inner strength, positive energy, and faith empower readers to become the best version of themselves. By focusing on the blessings and opportunities of life, cultivating faith and trust, and serving the world with our unique talents, we can make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into the inspirational messages of Joel Osteen and the impact they can have on readers’ lives.

FAQ and Conclusions

For those searching for answers related to Joel Osteen, here are ten frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers:

  1. What is Joel Osteen’s net worth?

  2. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joel Osteen’s net worth is estimated at $100 million.

  3. What is the title of Joel Osteen’s latest book?

  4. Joel Osteen’s latest book is titled “The Power of Favor: The Force That Will Take You Where You Can’t Go on Your Own.”

  5. What is Joel Osteen’s church called?

  6. Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

  7. Is Joel Osteen a pastor or a motivational speaker?

  8. Joel Osteen is both a pastor and a motivational speaker, known for his uplifting messages and focus on positivity.

  9. What are some famous Joel Osteen quotes?

  10. Some popular Joel Osteen quotes include “You have to come to your closed doors before you get to your open doors,” “God didn’t give you a good life, so you can waste it,” and “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.”

  11. Has Joel Osteen ever been criticized?

  12. Yes, Joel Osteen has faced criticism in the past for his teachings and his response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

  13. What is Joel Osteen’s church attendance like?

  14. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lakewood Church regularly had around 50,000 attendees each week.

  15. What is Joel Osteen’s message?

  16. Joel Osteen’s message focuses on the power of positivity, faith, and living a purposeful life.

  17. What is Joel Osteen’s background?

  18. Joel Osteen grew up in Houston, Texas, and worked alongside his father at Lakewood Church before becoming the senior pastor in 1999.

  19. Does Joel Osteen have a podcast?

  20. Yes, Joel Osteen has a podcast called “Joel Osteen Podcast.”

In conclusion, Joel Osteen is a well-known pastor and motivational speaker, with a message focused on positivity, faith, and purpose. While he has faced criticism, his teachings and words of inspiration have resonated with many people around the world.

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