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The Best Steve Harrington Quotes That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

steve harrington quotes

Steve Harrington is a beloved character in the world of Stranger Things. Through his witty remarks and hilarious one-liners, he has become a fan favorite. Harrington’s quotes have the power to make us laugh and think. They are relatable and help us see situations in a different light.

One of the reasons Steve Harrington’s quotes are so important is that they teach us to be resilient. Many of his quotes come from moments when he has faced adversity and come out on the other side. Through his wit and determination, Steve reminds us that we can overcome any obstacle.

Steve Harrington’s quotes inspire us to take action and make a difference. His “No more bullies” quote encourages us to stand up for ourselves and for those who can’t do so. Meanwhile, his quote, “Just because someone hurts you, doesn’t mean you have to retaliate,” teaches us the importance of forgiveness and compassion.

If you’re feeling down or stuck in a rut, Steve Harrington’s quotes may be just the thing to inspire you. They can help you see things from a different perspective and give you the courage to keep going. So the next time you’re feeling lost, remember to channel your inner Steve Harrington and use his inspiring quotes to motivate you.


Welcome to our article that highlights the memorable quotes of Steve Harrington, one of the most popular characters from the popular TV series, Stranger Things. If you’re a fan of the show, then you undoubtedly know Steve Harrington, played by actor Joe Keery, who has become a fan favorite for his quirky personality, unique sense of humor, and interesting character development throughout the series. In this article, we will take a closer look at the character of Steve Harrington, including his background, personality, and quirks that have made him a beloved character on the show.

Steve Harrington first appeared on Stranger Things in season one as Nancy Wheeler’s popular boyfriend, a high school student with an ego as big as he was tall. However, as the show progressed, Steve’s character developed into much more than just a typical high school jock. Throughout the series, we have seen Steve’s kindness, loyalty, and courage in action, helping to save his friends and fight off the show’s supernatural villains. In addition to his development as a character, Steve has become well-known for his funny and sometimes unexpected commentary throughout the show, leading to some truly memorable quotes that we will explore in this article.

One of the most notable aspects of Steve’s character development is his evolution from a “villain” in the first season to a hero in the later seasons. In season one, Steve was portrayed as the quintessential high school bad boy, only interested in partying and impressing his friends. However, after he and Nancy become involved in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their friend, Barb, Steve begins to show a softer side, displaying his love and dedication to Nancy and becoming more involved in the fight against the show’s supernatural forces.

Despite his character’s transformation over the course of the show, Steve’s humor and wit have remained constant, and fans have come to love him for it. From his sharp one-liners to his hilarious comebacks, Steve’s comedic timing and delivery have made him one of the most amusing and relatable characters in Stranger Things. Some of his most memorable quotes have even become popular memes and catchphrases among fans of the show.

As we explore some of Steve Harrington’s most memorable quotes in the following sections, we hope to provide a deeper understanding of Steve’s character and his unique personality. Whether you’re new to the show or a seasoned fan, we invite you to join us on this journey and relive some of the best Steve Harrington moments from Stranger Things.

Steve Harrington Character Analysis

Steve Harrington is one of the main characters in the hit TV show Stranger Things. When we first meet Steve, he is portrayed as a stereotypical high school jock. He is popular and has a girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler, who is also one of the main characters. At the beginning of the show, Steve is not well-liked by the audience because of his arrogant and selfish attitude. However, as the show progresses, we see a different side to Steve, and he becomes a fan favorite.

One of the first signs of Steve’s development as a character is when he starts to care more about Nancy’s feelings. At first, he is dismissive of her concerns about her missing friend, Will Byers, but he eventually realizes the severity of the situation and becomes more invested in the search for him. He also shows his vulnerable side when he apologizes to Nancy for not being a good boyfriend and promises to do better.

Another major turning point for Steve is when he befriends Dustin Henderson, one of the younger main characters. Steve sees a bit of himself in Dustin; they’re both somewhat nerdy, and neither of them fit in with the popular crowd. Steve starts to show a protective side towards Dustin, and even risks his own safety to help him and his friends fight the monsters from the upside-down world that invade Hawkins.

Steve’s relationship with Dustin also brings out an unexpected side of him: his humor. As Steve spends more time with the younger kids, he develops a dry wit and often delivers some of the funniest one-liners of the show. This humor is juxtaposed with his mature side, where he takes on the role of the protector and nurturer towards the children, showing how much he has grown from his initial portrayal as a superficial high school jock.

By the time Stranger Things 3 rolls around, Steve has become an even more likable character, often the source of comic relief and heartwarming moments throughout the season. He also has a strong bond with another fan-favorite character, Robin, who turns out to be an important ally in his adventure in the show.

In conclusion, Steve Harrington is a character that undergoes a significant transformation throughout Stranger Things. Through his experiences with the main characters and the monsters from the upside-down world, Steve becomes a protective, caring adult who values friendship and family above all else. His transformation is a testament to the excellent writing and character development in the show.

Top 5 Best Steve Harrington Quotes

Steve Harrington is a beloved character from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. Known for his wit, charm, and sarcasm, Steve Harrington has delivered some of the most memorable and impactful quotes in the show’s history. Here are the top 5 best Steve Harrington quotes:

1. “You can’t spell America without Erica.”

This hilarious one-liner was delivered in season 3, episode 6, and quickly became a fan favorite. Steve was referring to Erica Sinclair, Lucas’ younger sister, who becomes an important part of the group’s mission to save their town from the Upside Down. The quote perfectly showcases Steve’s sense of humor and his ability to find the fun in even the direst of situations.

2. “Hair is for girls.”

This quote was delivered in season 2, episode 6, during a conversation between Steve and Dustin. Dustin had just gotten a new haircut, and Steve was teasing him about it. The quote is a perfect example of Steve’s brash, confident personality, and how he uses humor to connect with his younger friends.

3. “I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.”

This quote was delivered in season 2, episode 9, after Steve becomes responsible for taking care of the younger kids in the show. It’s a moment of character development for Steve, as he shifts from being a carefree, self-centered teenager to a responsible, protective figure. The quote is also a testament to Steve’s newfound maturity, as he reflects on his own shortcomings as a boyfriend but finds a way to be useful and helpful to those around him.

But Steve’s evolution doesn’t stop there. He continues to grow and change throughout the series, ultimately becoming a beloved and heroic character that fans can’t get enough of.

4. “God, you’re so beautiful it hurts.”

This quote was delivered in season 3, episode 8, during a tender moment between Steve and his romantic interest, Robin. The quote showcases Steve’s vulnerability and sensitivity, a side of him that fans didn’t get to see much of in the earlier seasons. It’s a testament to the show’s writers, who have been able to develop the character of Steve in nuanced and surprising ways over the course of three seasons.

5. “It’s finger-lickin’ good.”

This quote was delivered in season 3, episode 2, during a lighthearted moment between Steve and his coworker, Robin. The two are working at an ice cream parlor when Steve tries a new flavor and declares it to be “finger-lickin’ good.” The quote is another example of Steve’s humor and charm, and how he is able to turn even the most mundane of tasks into something fun and enjoyable.

Overall, Steve Harrington is a character that audiences have grown to love and admire. His memorable quotes only add to his appeal and make him one of the most iconic characters in the history of television.

The Importance of Steve Harrington’s Quotes

Steve Harrington, one of the main characters of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, is known for his wit, humor, and wise insights. Although he starts out as a stereotypical high school jock, he develops into a complex and empathetic character who provides valuable lessons for the audience. Here are four important themes and lessons throughout the show that Steve Harrington’s quotes represent:

1. Redemption and Growth

Steve’s character arc is one of the most compelling aspects of Stranger Things, as he transforms from a shallow and selfish high schooler into a brave and caring hero. This journey is marked by several memorable quotes that showcase his personal growth. For example, in season 3, Steve tells his coworker, Robin, “You can’t spell ‘America’ without ‘Erica’.” Although this line is humorous, it also reflects Steve’s newfound humility and willingness to collaborate with others. Similarly, when he apologizes to Dustin for ignoring him in season 2, Steve says, “Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind.” This apology demonstrates Steve’s vulnerability and self-awareness, as well as his commitment to repairing his relationships.

2. Friendship and Loyalty

Steve’s evolution from a bullying popular kid to a protector of outcasts is one of the most heartwarming aspects of Stranger Things. Throughout the series, he forms deep friendships with Dustin, Robin, and even Nancy and Jonathan. These relationships are built on loyalty, kindness, and humor, as evidenced by Steve’s many quips and one-liners. For instance, when Nancy asks him for help in season 1, he replies, “I may be a pretty sh*tty boyfriend, but turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.” This line highlights Steve’s devotion to Nancy and his willingness to put himself in danger for her and her brother. Similarly, when he and Dustin discover the Russian base in season 3, Steve tells Dustin, “We’re a great team, you know that?” This quote captures the essence of their brotherly bond, and it foreshadows their heroic actions later in the season.

3. Teenage Angst and Humor

Although Steve’s character undergoes significant growth and maturity throughout the series, he never loses his sense of humor or teenage angst. His many sarcastic comments and pop culture references provide moments of levity in an otherwise dark and intense show. For example, when Nancy asks him to help her investigate Barb’s disappearance in season 1, he dismisses her by saying, “Nancy Wheeler, certified badass.” This line is both a joke and a testament to Nancy’s bravery and determination. Similarly, when he and Billy are trapped in the sauna in season 3, Steve quips, “At least I’ll die with my best friend.” This line is both funny and poignant, as it underscores the importance of human connection in the face of danger and fear.

4. Gender Roles and Toxic Masculinity

One of the most interesting and nuanced aspects of Steve’s character is his relationship to gender roles and toxic masculinity. Although he starts out as a stereotypical jock who objectifies women and bullies nerds, he gradually learns to reject these toxic behaviors and embrace a more egalitarian worldview. This transformation is marked by several important quotes, such as when he defends Nancy’s right to be taken seriously in season 2 by saying, “Don’t be a d*ck, Harrington.” This line is a turning point for Steve, as it shows him standing up for a woman’s dignity and intelligence. Similarly, when he apologizes to Lucas for mistreating him in season 1, Steve explains, “I was just trying to be cool.” This line reveals the pressure that men face to conform to societal expectations of masculinity, and it also highlights Steve’s vulnerability and remorse.

In conclusion, Steve Harrington’s quotes are more than just clever one-liners. They represent important themes and lessons throughout Stranger Things, including redemption and growth, friendship and loyalty, teenage angst and humor, and gender roles and toxic masculinity. By embodying these values, Steve becomes one of the most beloved and memorable characters in the show.

Steve Harrington’s Popularity

Steve Harrington, portrayed by actor Joe Keery, has quickly become a fan-favorite character in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Initially introduced as a popular high school jock who bullies the show’s main characters, Steve undergoes a significant character development, transforming into a loveable and endearing hero.

One of the main reasons behind Steve’s popularity is his personality. He is charismatic and witty, and his humorous one-liners and comebacks often steal the show. Steve is a character that individuals root for, and his incredible transformation over the course of the series has further cemented his popularity among fans.

However, it is Steve Harrington’s memorable quotes that have undoubtedly contributed to his immense popularity. Here are some of his most iconic quotes:

1. “You can’t spell ‘America’ without ‘Erica.'”

One of Steve’s most iconic quotes comes from season three. Fans will recall the scene where Steve teams up with Dustin Henderson’s younger sister, Erica, to traverse a deserted shopping mall. Erica’s name becomes the running joke, and Steve delivers this hilarious one-liner that has since become a fan-favorite quote.

2. “You have hair like a new-born baby.”

Another memorable quote comes from season one, where Steve, in an attempt to demean Jonathan Byers, compares his hair to that of a new-born baby. It’s hilarious and iconic, and many fans often repeat this line when they meet someone with similar hair.

3. “It’s like the best thing that’s ever happened, and the worst thing that’s ever happened, all rolled into one inconvenient little package.”

In season two, Steve develops a budding friendship with Dustin, and this quote comes from a conversation they have about their respective romantic relationships. The quote is both humorous and relatable, and it’s one of those moments where Steve’s humanity truly shines through.

4. “Babysitter Steve is on it.”

This quote has become a fan-favorite, especially after Steve takes on the role of babysitting several of the young characters in season two. It’s a heroic line, and it highlights how much Steve has grown as a character from season one, where he was just a high school jock.

5. “Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world.”

This quote is an inspirational gem from Steve. He delivers it to Dustin when he is feeling down, and it has become one of the show’s most popular quotes. It’s a line that embodies the show’s central themes of perseverance and courage, and it’s an important message that resonates with fans.

Overall, Steve Harrington’s popularity is a testament to the show’s excellent writing and Joe Keery’s exceptional portrayal of the character. He is a fan-favorite, and his iconic one-liners and quotes have only further cemented his status as one of the show’s most beloved characters.


Steve Harrington, the popular character from the Netflix series Stranger Things, has become a fan-favorite due to his irresistible charm, wit, and humor. His character arc has evolved significantly throughout the show, and his quotations hold a special place in the hearts of many viewers.

Steve Harrington’s quotes are often deemed as relatable, inspiring, and sometimes even hilarious. They cover topics such as love, friendship, facing fears, and the importance of being true to oneself. For instance, when he said, “You can’t just sit there and wait for bad things to happen. You gotta make a plan and take action,” he encouraged viewers to take control of their lives and not wait for destiny to take its course.

One of the most significant qualities of Steve’s character is his ability to grow and change. His heartfelt apology to Dustin for not believing him about the demogorgon in season 2 became one of the most heartwarming moments on the show. His quote during that scene, “I may be a pretty crappy boyfriend, but I’m a pretty damn good babysitter,” showcased his character’s growth from just being a popular high school student to a mature, responsible, and caring one.

Another notable quote from Steve is, “It’s finger lickin’ good.” While this quote may seem trivial, it has become a cult classic and a catchphrase that has been used repeatedly by fans of the show. It is a testament to the impact that Steve has had on the audience, and how his words and actions have resonated with them.

Harrington’s character provides a balance between humor and genuine emotion. His comedic one-liners often break the tension in dramatic scenes, but he also has deeply emotional moments that move the audience. That’s the magic of his character and the hallmark of a well-written character.

Steve Harrington’s character arc has been one of the most remarkable and enjoyable aspects of the show. His evolution from a smug, selfish high school bully to a responsible, caring, and mature individual has stolen the hearts of many viewers. His quotes embody the essence of his character and have struck a chord with the audience. His words have touched the hearts of many viewers, and they will continue to be memorable and influential for years to come.

In conclusion, Steve Harrington’s trademark quotes capture the essence of his character and have had a significant impact on the audience. His witty one-liners, emotional speeches, and character growth have touched the hearts of many. Steve has become an indispensable part of the show and an icon in popular culture. Everything that he says has tremendous significance and has become a catchphrase or meme in pop culture. He’s the breakout character that nobody saw coming, and there are no signs of him stopping anytime soon.

FAQ and Conclusions

FAQ Section:

1. Who does Steve Harrington end up with in Stranger Things? Steve ends up with Robin in the third season of Stranger Things.
2. Why is Steve Harrington so popular? Steve Harrington’s popularity is due to his character development throughout the seasons and his charming personality.
3. What is Steve Harrington’s job? Steve worked as an employee at Scoops Ahoy and later became a full-time employee at Family Video.
4. Does Steve Harrington die in Stranger Things? No, Steve Harrington does not die in Stranger Things.
5. What happened to Steve and Nancy in Stranger Things? Steve and Nancy broke up in the second season of Stranger Things.
6. What is Steve Harrington’s real name? Steve Harrington is played by actor Joe Keery.
7. Is Steve Harrington in all seasons of Stranger Things? Yes, Steve Harrington is a recurring character in all three seasons of Stranger Things.
8. How old is Steve Harrington in Stranger Things? Steve is in his late teens in the first season of Stranger Things, making him around 19 years old.
9. What kind of car does Steve Harrington drive? Steve Harrington drives a 1980 Chevrolet Camaro.
10. What are Steve Harrington’s best quotes? Some of Steve Harrington’s best quotes include, “You’re gonna have to let me go my own way,” and “Hair is here to stay.”


In conclusion, the FAQ section provides insight into the popular character Steve Harrington from the Stranger Things series. From his personal life to his career and even his famous quotes, his character has a lot of value to offer the audience.

Steve Harrington’s character development from the first season to the third has been one of the show’s highlights. His transformation from a selfish, popular jock to a brave and selfless hero has been fascinating to witness. Additionally, his charming personality has made him a fan favorite.

Apart from his character, Steve’s iconic car, the 1980 Chevrolet Camaro, and his notable job at Scoops Ahoy and later Family video, have also earned him a place in the audience’s heart.

In conclusion, Steve Harrington’s character has been pivotal to the success of Stranger Things. His witty one-liners and memorable quotes have become iconic, and his character development and likable personality have made him an all-time fan favorite.

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