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The Top 10 Funniest “White Chicks” Quotes You Need to Know!

white chicks quotes
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Do you remember the iconic movie “White Chicks”? If so, then you must also remember the hilarious quotes that we couldn’t stop quoting after watching it. From “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself” to “You can’t handle the truth!”, these quotes have become all-time favorites.

The reason why these quotes are important is that they have the power to bring people together. Just mention a quote from “White Chicks” and someone will instantly smile and start reciting the rest of it. It’s a shared experience that creates a sense of community.

For those who haven’t watched the movie, these quotes still hold value. They may inspire you to watch the movie and be a part of the conversation. If you’re feeling down, they may lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

Moreover, these quotes can be used as a tool to communicate with others. You can use them as a reference to a situation or just to express how you feel. They’re catchy, memorable, and always bring a laugh.

Overall, “White Chicks” quotes are not just a series of words, they represent a cultural phenomenon that has touched millions of people. So go ahead, watch the movie, and join in on the quotes. You can thank us later!


White Chicks Quotes have been making us laugh since the release of the movie in 2004. It has become a classic comedy film that has remained timeless throughout the years.

The Wayans brothers’ movie has not only made its mark on cinematic history, but it has also managed to capture the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide due to its witty and funny lines. These quotes have now become part of the daily conversations of comedy lovers, making them a popular reference in the pop culture niche.

The movie centers around two black FBI agents who go undercover as white women to solve a kidnap case in the Hamptons. These two characters provide us with hilarious one-liners, sassy comebacks, and memorable moments that will leave you in stitches.

The success of the film has been attributed to many factors, but the humor in the movie, and especially the dialogue, has been the most prominent element that has captured the audience’s hearts and made White Chicks so iconic.

So, let’s dive into the world of White Chicks quotes and discover some of the most memorable lines in the movie that have become an integral part of pop culture.

Top 10 Best White Chicks Quotes

White Chicks, the classic comedy movie directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, is widely known for its hysterical and quotable lines. Here’s our list of the top 10 best White Chicks quotes that are guaranteed to have you roaring with laughter.

1. “I’m the decoy.”

In the movie, Tiffany Wilson (played by Marlon Wayans) kept trying to convince people that he was actually a white woman. This particular quote has become one of the most iconic in the film, mainly because it’s what gets the whole story started. Marcus and Kevin, the two FBI agents who are tasked with protecting two sisters from a kidnapping plot, decide to go undercover as the sisters, and Marcus (Shawn Wayans) volunteers to be the “less attractive” decoy.

2. “You better back it up little Miss Puffy Coat!”

This hilarious quote is delivered by Marcus and Kevin when they’re trying to evade suspicion from the real Wilson sisters’ friends. They try to blend in by speaking like young, trendy, white girls, but their use of aggressive slang gives them away. Kevin’s line is a perfect example of how the Wayans brothers were able to seamlessly integrate urban slang into their dialogue, which makes the jokes all the more hilarious.

In addition to the above, this quote resonates with audiences because it’s so relatable. We’ve all been in situations where we feel out of place and are trying to fit in, but ultimately, our true colors come shining through.

3. “Oh my God, he’s a ventriloquist!”

This hilarious line is delivered by Karen, one of the real Wilson sisters’ friends, played by Busy Phillips of Dawson’s Creek fame. When Marcus is trying to hide the fact that he’s not really Brittany Wilson, he tries to create the illusion that he’s a ventriloquist by talking without moving his lips. The result is pretty funny, and Karen’s reaction sums it up perfectly.

4. “Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair.”

This is one of the most offensive, yet hilarious, lines from the movie. It’s delivered by the stereotypically “ghetto” character of Latrell Spencer, played by Terry Crews. Spencer is a basketball player who falls in love with Marlon Wayans’ character, who he thinks is the real Brittany Wilson. This quote has become a cultural touchstone and is often used as a punchline in discussions about racial stereotypes and humor.

5. “No, I said, ‘you can have a conversation.'”

When the real Wilson sisters try to have a conversation with Marcus and Kevin, they offer to buy them drinks. Kevin, who is trying to be as feminine as possible, misunderstands and thinks they’re offering to have sex with him. His response is hilarious: “No, I said, ‘you can have a conversation.'”

6. “You wanna play patty-cake? Hell no!”

This is another one of Latrell’s memorable lines. He’s always trying to impress Brittany (who is actually Marcus in disguise) with his muscles and machismo. When she suggests playing patty-cake, he’s insulted and delivers this classic line.

7. “You know I like ’em big. And stupid.”

Another classic line from Latrell. He’s talking to his friend, who is trying to push him towards the real Brittany Wilson. Latrell dismisses her as too small and intelligent for his taste.

8. “Are you okay?” “I’m white.”

Another funny exchange between Marcus and Karen. When Karen asks Marcus if he’s okay after he’s hit in the face, he responds with this funny quip, implying that being white automatically makes him okay.

9. “Don’t you know no good?”

This line is delivered by Kevin when he’s trying to fit in with the Wilson sisters’ friends. He’s trying to impress them with his knowledge of classic soul music, but his use of the double negative makes him sound foolish and out of touch.

10. “I can’t feel my legs!”

This line is delivered by Kevin, who’s pretending to be Brittany, after she’s had too much to drink. It’s become one of the most iconic lines from the movie and is often quoted in pop culture references and memes.

In conclusion, White Chicks is filled with some of the most hilarious and memorable lines in cinema history. These ten quotes are just a few that have stood the test of time and continue to make audiences laugh today.

The Best of Terry Crews’ Character

When it comes to standout characters in the movie White Chicks, it’s hard to ignore the hilariously over-the-top Latrell Spencer played by Terry Crews. From his outrageous dance moves to his unforgettable quotes, here are some of the best moments from this iconic character:

1. “Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair.”

One of the most memorable quotes from Latrell, this line perfectly captures his absurdly confident and exaggerated persona. With just a few words, he manages to both boast about his sexual prowess and make a ridiculous cultural reference. Crews delivers the line with absolute conviction, making it all the more hilarious.

2. “I’ll give you two stars and a wish, because I don’t wanna see that thong thing again!”

Latrell’s obsession with one of the movie’s main characters, Tiffany Wilson, is a driving force behind many of his funniest scenes. This particular quote comes after he has snuck into the Wilson family’s hotel room and stolen Tiffany’s underwear as a keepsake. The way Crews delivers the line with such relish and glee really brings out the absurdity of the situation.

3. “It’s turkey time…gobble, gobble.”

One of Latrell’s most iconic scenes is when he tries to seduce Kevin Copeland, who is disguised as Tiffany. Their date takes place at a restaurant, and Latrell’s enthusiasm for everything from the menu to the decor is infectious. But it’s his bizarre and unforgettable turkey dance that steals the show. Crews fully commits to the absurdity of the moment, and the result is a scene that’s both hilarious and cringe-worthy.

Bonus: “I’m sorry, but your Vanessa Carlton CD just scratched.”

This one liner is just one of many throwaway jokes that Latrell delivers throughout the movie. It’s a quick jab at the Wilson sisters’ taste in music, but Crews’ delivery is so deadpan that it still manages to get a laugh.

No matter what scene he’s in, Terry Crews steals the show as Latrell Spencer in White Chicks. His exaggerated mannerisms and outrageous quotes are unforgettable, and his performance is a testament to his comedic talent and impeccable timing.

“A Thousand Miles” Scene

“Woohoo! I love this song!” exclaims Terry Crew’s character Latrell Spencer as he starts to sing along to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” on his car stereo. The scene from the movie White Chicks where he sways his head to the beat, pops up his eyes, and belts out the chorus with a falsetto voice is undoubtedly a memorable and hilarious moment.

Not only did this scene show a lighter side of Latrell’s tough exterior, but it also gave birth to one of the most recognizable quotes from the movie. “Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and I’m homebound,” are the lyrics that made their way into pop culture, thanks to Terry’s enthusiastic performance.

Fans of the movie have used this line in numerous memes, TikTok videos, and as captions for photos on social media. It has even made an appearance in other movies, TV shows, and music videos, making it a staple reference in today’s popular culture.

Interestingly, even Vanessa Carlton herself acknowledged the impact of this scene and the quote during a performance in 2019. She shared a video of Terry Crews’ moment on her Instagram account and joked that the royalties she earned from the song’s usage in White Chicks have paid her rent for 18 years.

The combination of Terry’s comedic timing and delivery, the catchy melody of “A Thousand Miles,” and the timeless lyrics by Vanessa Carlton made this scene an instant classic. It’s no surprise that it continues to be a fan favorite, even after almost two decades since the movie’s release.

In conclusion, the “A Thousand Miles” scene from White Chicks is an iconic moment in the history of American comedies. It has cemented its place in popular culture and has given us a hilarious and unforgettable quote that will continue to be quoted and reused for years to come.

Funny Interactions Between the Brothers

In “White Chicks,” two black FBI agents, Kevin and Marcus, go undercover as white heiresses to solve a crime. Throughout the movie, Kevin and Marcus have some of the funniest interactions with each other.

One of the funniest dialogues between the brothers is when they first try on their disguises. Marcus tries on his wig and makeup in front of Kevin, who looks at him in shock and says, “Oh no, oh hell no.” Marcus replies, “What?” Kevin responds, “I told them we were black, they didn’t give us a white face.” This interaction sets the comedic tone for the rest of the movie and shows the audience that Kevin and Marcus are in for a wild ride.

Another hilarious scene is when Kevin and Marcus dance in the club. They’re dressed in tight white dresses with high heels, trying to fit in with the other heiresses. As they dance, Kevin looks at Marcus and says, “Your momma’s so old, when she breastfeeds, people mistake her for a bartender!” Marcus laughs and replies, “Your momma’s so old, she owes Jesus a quarter.” The back-and-forth banter shows the brothers’ sense of humor and their ability to make each other laugh, even in the most ridiculous situations.

In another scene, Kevin and Marcus get into a fight with a rival gang. After kicking some serious butt, they’re surrounded by people who are cheering them on. Kevin turns to Marcus, and in a reference to a popular commercial at the time, says, “You want some of this milk?” Marcus, confused, replies, “What are you talking about?” Kevin responds, “You know, milk does the body good.” The interaction shows Kevin’s quirky sense of humor and his ability to lighten the mood even in a tense situation.

One of the best exchanges between the brothers happens when they’re in bed, reflecting on their mission. Kevin explains to Marcus that they need to stay in character and keep up their appearances as white women, even when they’re alone. Marcus, frustrated, says, “This is why Rosa Parks sat on the bus. We ain’t movin’.” The dialogue shows Marcus’ exhaustion and lack of patience with the situation, but also his sense of humor.

Finally, while Kevin and Marcus are at a fancy dinner, they’re given the task of saying grace. They each take a turn to speak, with Kevin starting. He says, “Dear Heavenly Father, please keep us safe from harm, and please keep the Lord’s name out of Marcus’ mouth as he stuffs his fat face with your bounty, Lord.” Marcus is taken aback but quickly recovers. He says, “And please forgive my brother. He knows not what he says. He’s special. Lord, sometimes he forgets to take his medication, and he just says whatever pops into his head.” The exchange is hilarious and shows the brothers’ ability to make fun of each other, even in a holy moment.

Overall, the funny interactions between Kevin and Marcus make “White Chicks” a classic comedy movie. Their one-liners, banter, and physical comedy throughout the film make the audience laugh out loud and show the talent of the actors. Whether they’re dancing in a club, fighting off bad guys, or saying grace, Kevin and Marcus bring the humor in every scene they’re in.

The Importance of Physical Comedy

Physical comedy is an essential aspect of comedy films, and White Chicks is no exception. The Wayans brothers incorporated physical humor into the movie by using dance routines, hilarious facial expressions, and comedic gestures. This physically humorous content creates an entertaining and funny atmosphere that draws the audience in and keeps them engaged. White Chicks is widely known for its hilarious physical comedy that has left viewers in stitches.

The physical comedy in White Chicks is also significant because it contrasts the sophisticated outlook that the Wilson sisters portray. The juxtaposition of the Wilson sisters and the Wayne’s brothers is what creates humor and excitement. You find humor in the embattled brothers trying to fit in as white women where they should, but their physical appearance always gives them away as African American men. The intense focus on physical comedy allows the viewer to forget about the initial perception of the characters being high-class and to view them as relatable and goofy.

The dance scenes in White Chicks are also evidence of the importance of physical comedy in the film. The ‘A Thousand Miles’ scene where Terry Crews sings along to the Vanessa Carlton hit is a perfect example. The scene is wildly hilarious, where the Wayans brothers played by Marcus and Kevin can’t keep up with the dance routine, and their partner (Terry Crews) keeps coming into the picture in. The use of physical comedy in this scene works at enhancing the entertainment value of the film and makes the audience laugh.

Physical comedy is also essential in White Chicks because it provides a visual component that enhances the dialogue. One of the funniest scenes in the White Chicks movie is when the Wayans brothers teach Brittany and Tiffany how to properly pronounce the word ‘beyond.’ The scene is made funnier through physical comedy, where the girls repeat a part of the dialogue to get the pronunciation right. The use of their hands, facial expressions, and gestures makes this scene not only hilarious but also memorable.

The use of physical comedy in comedy films also provides a means for the actors to showcase their talents. The Wayans brothers have over the years been recognized for their talents in acting and physical comedy. Thus, it is only reasonable that they would use this talent to create a movie that incorporates physical comedy heavily. The use of physical comedy in White Chicks is essential, and it is through this comedic element that the actors portrayed their skills and unique talents.

Physical comedy can also define and establish the characters. It is through physical humor that we can understand the personalities of the Wilson sisters, the wacky side of the Wayans brothers, and the other characters in the movie. Physical comedy provides the viewer with cues that help them understand and relate to the characters in the movie. This way, the viewer can improve their emotional involvement with the film.

In conclusion, physical comedy is an essential element of White Chicks that has kept it memorable over the years. The Wayans brothers incorporated physical humor into the movie using dance routines, facial expressions, and visual gags. The use of their abilities helped them develop and create a movie that is remembered up to this day. Physical comedy provides the viewer with a break from the dialogue’s intensity and gives them some light moments that are memorable and impactful. White Chicks is, therefore, not just known for its clever script but also for its physical comedy, which is adds an extra dimension to the movie that makes it unforgettable.


White Chicks is a 2004 American comedy film directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. The movie stars Shawn and Marlon Wayans as two FBI agents who go undercover as white women to foil a kidnapping plot. The movie features a lot of iconic moments and hilarious quotes that have kept audiences laughing for years. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best quotes from White Chicks.

“You just got the black knocked off you!”

One of the most memorable lines in White Chicks comes from Terry Crews’ character, Latrell Spencer. After mistaking Marlon Wayans’ character for a woman named Tiffany, Latrell takes her out on a date. During a dance-off, Marlon’s wig falls off, revealing his bald head. Latrell responds with the iconic line, “You just got the black knocked off you!” This line is both absurd and hilarious and has become one of the most quoted lines from the movie.

“Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair.”

Another memorable line from Latrell Spencer comes during a conversation he has with Marcus Copeland, played by Shawn Wayans. During the conversation, Latrell brags about his sexual prowess and makes the hilarious statement, “Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair.” This line has become a classic example of the absurd humor that White Chicks is known for.

“A thousand miles!”

One of the most iconic scenes from White Chicks involves the Wayans brothers lip-syncing to Vanessa Carlton’s hit song, “A Thousand Miles.” The scene is both hilarious and absurd, as the brothers completely commit to the performance, complete with over-the-top facial expressions and dance moves. During the song, there is a moment where Marcus forgets the lyrics and tries to play it off by shouting, “A thousand miles!” This moment is both funny and relatable, as many people have found themselves forgetting the lyrics to a song and trying to play it cool.

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound.”

Of course, we can’t talk about memorable quotes from White Chicks without mentioning the song “A Thousand Miles” itself. The song was already a hit before it was featured in the movie, but its use in the film helped cement its spot in pop culture history. The scene of the Wayans brothers lip-syncing to the song has become one of the most iconic moments from the movie and has been parodied and referenced in countless other films and TV shows.

“I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.”

This quote is a nod to the famous line from the movie Notting Hill and is used in a hilarious manner in White Chicks. During a conversation with Marcus and Kevin, Brittany Wilson, played by Maitland Ward, informs them that she is a virgin. Kevin responds with the line, “I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.” The line is both unexpected and funny, and serves as a great example of the Wayans brothers’ ability to subvert expectations and make audiences laugh.

“You want some of this milk?”

In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, a group of black men attempt to hit on the disguised Marcus and Kevin. During the conversation, one of the men offers the pair a drink of his milk and says the infamous line, “You want some of this milk?” The line is both gross and absurd, and has become one of the most quoted lines from the movie.


In conclusion, White Chicks is a movie that is packed with hilarious quotes and moments. From the absurd humor to the pop culture nods, the movie has earned its place in comedy history as one of the all-time greats. Whether you’re a fan of the Wayans brothers or just looking for a good laugh, White Chicks is a movie that is definitely worth checking out.

FAQ and Conclusions

Are you a fan of the hilarious movie White Chicks? If so, you’ll know that this movie is full of quotable phrases that will keep you laughing for days. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular White Chicks quotes and draw some conclusions from them. But first, let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

1. What is the story of White Chicks?

White Chicks is a 2004 comedy film that follows two FBI agents who go undercover as white women to solve a kidnapping case. The film stars Shawn and Marlon Wayans as the two agents.

2. Who says the line “I’m gonna need a Kleenex!” in White Chicks?

The character of Brittany Wilson, played by Maitland Ward, says this line after dancing with Latrell Spencer (Terrence Howard) at a club.

3. What is the line “Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair” from?

This line is said by Marcus Copeland, played by Marlon Wayans, when he’s trying to impress a woman. It’s meant to be a clever twist on the phrase “Once you go black, you never go back.”

4. What is the famous “Making my way downtown” song from White Chicks?

The song is actually called “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, and it’s used in a hilarious scene where the two undercover agents lip-sync to the song while pretending to be rich white women.

5. Who says the line “Hold my poodle” in White Chicks?

This line is said by one of the Wilson sisters, played by Brittany Daniel, when she needs to quickly free up her hands.

6. What is the line “I am the beast I worship” from in White Chicks?

This line is said by Latrell Spencer (Terrence Howard) when he reveals his true nature to the undercover agents. He’s actually a deranged serial killer!

7. Who says “Don’t you want to get some of this?” in White Chicks?

This line is said by the character of Karen Googlestein, played by Busy Philipps, when she’s trying to seduce Marcus Copeland.

8. What is the line “I don’t know whether to shoot him or adopt him” from in White Chicks?

This line is said by the character of James King, played by Lochlyn Munro, when he’s shown a picture of one of the undercover agents in their white woman disguise.

9. Who says the line “I’m gonna have to say no to that, dawg” in White Chicks?

This line is said by the character of Kevin Copeland, played by Shawn Wayans, when he’s asked if he wants to go on a date with a woman who thinks he’s a woman.

10. What is the line “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy” from in White Chicks?

This line is said by the character of Latrell Spencer (Terrence Howard) when he’s trying to woo Marcus Copeland. It’s a line that sounds very threatening!

In conclusion, White Chicks is a classic comedy that will always be remembered for its quotable lines and outrageous characters. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the movie, you’re sure to find something to laugh about in this hilarious film.

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